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New Car Sales Staff

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  • Ronnie Whitlock
    General Manager

    Ronnie has been at Vandergriff since day one in August 2003. Another "car guy," he's a 35-year veteran in the business and enjoys every aspect of it from meeting new customers to giving back to the community through Vandergriff's charities. Ronnie also has a need for speed, which he fuels by racing in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series.

  • Tom McKnight
    General Sales Manager

    "I like to meet new people," was Tom's simple answer when asked what he liked best about his job as sales manager. Over his 32 years in the business Tom has met thousands of people, many of whom return to him and also refer their friends when purchasing their next new car.

  • Lee Perrin
    Customer Relations Manager

  • Steven DeWitt
    New Car Sales Director

    Growing up in Ohio, Steve would more likely talk about being a Buckeye fan over being a seven-time winner of the Toyota Sales Excellence Award. With a degree in industrial technology, Steve helps manage the new vehicle mix, which includes color mixes, models, trim levels and equipment.

  • Henry Hanson
    New Car Sales Manger

    Henry started in the car business trading Hot Wheels with his childhood friends in Brownwood, Texas. After attending Auburn University, he used the salesmanship savvy he learned as a kid and went to work as a car salesman. That was 13 years ago. Today, Henry still gets the same satisfaction selling cars, taking care of his customers and working with a great team..

  • Yousef Abdel
    New Cars Sales Manager

    Having been in the car business for more than a decade, Yousef knows that it takes a lot of people to help make the sales process go smoothly. And over those 10 years, he's gotten to know a lot of people that help him in his quest to always be there to help and take the extra step for his customers.

  • Ramsey Ruiz
    Finance Manager

    A humble man, Ramsey would rather be known for his barbeque skills than the fact that he served in the Army for five years as a tank gunner in both Iraq and Afghanistan. And as a veteran, Ramsey appreciates the reputation of Vandergriff Toyota. "Everyone knows us as a reputable place where we talk to every customer and we're fair with each one of them."

  • Desi Dusina
    Finance Director

    With a degree in education, Desi enjoys helping both customers and salespeople understand every part of the transactions that come across his desk. His goal is to make sure each customer is happy after the sale. "Repeat and referral business is the number one focus and the measure of our efforts!"

  • James Miskell
    Finance Manager

    It's quite a stretch from being an amateur ice hockey professional to helping customers to finance and insure their new and used car purchases. But James was able to glide through that transition more than 34 years ago due to the fact that selling cars was the family business, so it was already in his blood.

  • Matt Murrey
    Finance Manager

    With a father and grandfather that owned car dealerships, Matt was born into the business. "As a third generation "car guy", what I love most about this business is the diverse base of customers that I get to work with and getting to know them." Matt recently earned an MBA and he was a peace officer for 20 years.

  • John Gollie
    Finance Manager

    Starting in the car business in 1977, John has been hard at work ever since making sure that all the paperwork is handled properly when you purchase your vehicle. He's Master Certified by Toyota in cars and trucks, and a Master in the Toyota Sales Society in new Toyotas cars and trucks and Certified Used Toyotas.

  • Nick Kaba
    Finance Manager

    Before his brother, Dion, got Nick into the car business at Vandergriff, Nick's passion for cars went back to his time as a kid in Chicago. "I had car magazines all over my room. I memorized car specs. My friends and I would spot the headlights of oncoming cars and see who could guess the car the fastest."

  • Chris Nyakundi
    Sales Associate

  • Omar Abdel
    Sales Associate

  • Adam Luna
    Sales Associate

  • Fernando Ortega
    New Car Porter