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How Has the Toyota Camry Remained a Top Competitor in Arlington?

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Fourteen years and counting

For a stunning fourteen years in a row, the Toyota Camry sedan has been the top-selling passenger car in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, and across the country.

And now, it shares its secret:

"The 2017 Toyota Camry continues to offer the best combination of roominess, comfort, quality, safety and performance in the midsize segment, as defined by the best judges of such factors: customers. And so you could say that the formula for turning a midsize sedan into America’s best-selling passenger car for 14 consecutive years hides in plain sight."


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Toyota's 'Bright' Idea Shines in Plano, as New Headquarters Adds Solar Technology

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A new way to tan? No--it's the future of energy

Is solar energy the future of automotive production? Toyota sure seems to think so.

They've long been the leader in green technology across the industry, with new hybrid vehicles like the Prius, the Camry Hybrid, and the upcoming Toyota Mirai, but they're turning their eyes toward a new way of furthering their commitment to the environment, and lessening their environmental impact.

By harnessing the power of the sun.

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