Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles

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More people are looking to transform their house into a smart home and even incorporate the same type of technology into the office for added convenience throughout the day. As personal assistants are increasing in popularity, they are now being integrated into vehicles to make it easy to stay productive on the road.

Alexa will specifically be used in vehicles that have the infotainment and navigation system available. Drivers who want to take advantage of the voice command system can choose from car models that include the 2018 Toyota Sienna and the 2018 Toyota Camry. Toyota is expected to install the virtual assistant in more models in 2019.

Amazon Alexa is planned to be one of the latest features of newer models of the Japanese automaker Toyota and Lexus, which will enhance the driving experience and make it easier to get more done during your morning commute. The virtual assistant can help you add tasks to your to-do list, check the weather forecast, turn on your favorite podcast, or send a text message without having to break the law and handle your phone. Alexa can also read or create new text messages that you receive during the drive.

Voice activation software can reduce the risk of collisions on the road by encouraging drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. Both Ford and Hyundai have also integrated the technology into their cars. Working with a virtual assistant when you're carpooling your kids to school or are stuck in traffic can allow you to get more done without having to be home or at the office.

You can rely on Amazon Alexa to set reminders and add events or activities to your calendar on your phone to ensure that you manage your busy schedule and stay organized. You can even request that the virtual assistant orders specific products on the Internet, which can save time when you're maintaining a busy schedule. Updating your grocery list on the way to the store or during the day is also easy to do.

In past years, voice-recognition software has struggled to be smooth and effortless with how it operates in vehicles. Fortunately, Amazon Alexa is a step up from previous software programs that have been used and makes it easy to speak to the device without shouting or having to repeat yourself. The program learns your voice and is quick to respond to commands. You can even have the freedom of controlling various devices in your smart home through Alexa in your car, which can allow you to lock the front door or turn on the lights when you're away from the property.

Amazon Alexa's cloud-based voice service has increased in popularity for its ability to perform over 25,000 functions and tasks with each command that is made. It can allow you to stay updated on the news, switch to a specific radio station, make phone calls, read your emails, and even help you plan your vacation as you spend time in the car. When used in the home, it's capable of telling a bedtime story, talking to your pets, and preheating certain appliances in the kitchen.

If you're interested in learning more about the Toyota models that feature Amazon Alexa, contact our dealership to speak with one of our representatives. You can schedule a test drive and discuss the financing options that are available today!

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