5 Fun Facts About Toyota Electric Vehicles

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Fun Facts About Electric Vehicles

The eco-friendly vehicles provided by Toyota are expected to be the vehicle of choice for families in the near future. The technology in these cars is improving every year, and the prices of these vehicles are becoming increasingly competitive.

Here are five facts about Toyota's lineup of electric cars:

1. They are small and easy to maneuver around cities.

Most electric cars produced by Toyota are just 870 mm, or approximately 3 feet in width. Their cars can easily pull in and out of tight parking spots that other big SUVs and trucks have to drive past because their vehicle won't fit. They only take up part of the lane, so there is no need to panic about ending up outside of the lane markers.

2. They were made with comfort in mind.

Comfort is a big factor in determining whether or not a person decides to buy a vehicle. Nobody wants to ride an uncomfortable car on the way to work every morning. This car sticks to the road perfectly when rounding cars and driving up hills and keeps you comfortable on your daily adventures.

3. Electric cars are great for the environment.

Gasoline-powered vehicles use up stores of the Earth’s nonrenewable resources and contribute to a high ecological footprint. Electric cars do not run on gasoline; therefore, they are more eco-friendly and reduce the average consumer’s footprint, or effects on the environment.

4. Electric cars are the future.

Car companies are quickly adding some form of electric vehicles to their lineup. Electric cars are still a fairly new concept and companies may only have one or two electric models for sale. Toyota plans on adding ten new electric vehicles by 2020. By 2025, all of their vehicles will operate with some form of electric technology, which includes electric, fuel-cell, or hybrid.

5. They are great for parking in tight spaces.

Electric cars are built with technology that helps the vehicle easily get into spots that require parallel parking. Many electric vehicles developed by Toyota only take up about half the space of a regular vehicle.

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