Toyota Tundra

Do You Want to Know How the Toyota Tundra Stack Up Against Other Trucks?

The Toyota Tundra is one of the most tried and true trucks on the market today. You would be hard-pressed to find a more reliable, trustworthy vehicle. The Tundra was created back in 1999, and its popularity has carried it through the tumultuous truck market and into the modern-day. It has gone through significant periods of evolution in its history, but its essence and mission remain the same: provide truck-lovers with a reasonably priced, effective, and dependable day-to-day vehicle. Other manufacturers look up to the Tundra's blend of performance and pragmatism. This article will look at how the Tundra stacks up against its competitors in various performance categories.


The Tundra is consistently listed at or near the top of reliability rankings. J.D. Power's 2019 vehicle dependency survey ranks the 2019 Toyota Tundra number one ahead of such competitors like the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado, and Nissan Frontier. This position is not surprising when you consider not just the Tundra but the reputation of Toyota for building quality vehicles at reasonable prices. It's not just J.D. Power that recognizes the Tundra's incredible dependability. Consumer Reports rates the Tundra 2WD number one in terms of reliability among full-sized trucks. What came number two you may ask? The Tundra 4WD. This feat proves that if we're talking about reliability, no manufacturer even comes close.

Performance and Affordability

The Tundra valiantly keeps up with competitors such as the F-150 and Silverado in terms of performance. All three vehicles come with V8 engines, with the Tundra clocking in at 310 horsepower while the F-150 comes in at 395 and the Silverado churns out 355. In terms of torque, the Tundra boasts 327 lb-ft with the F-150 at 400 lb-ft and the Silverado at 383 lb-ft. It may seem like the Tundra is completely beaten in this category, but the matter becomes clear when you consider affordability. Incredibly, the Tundra costs at least $20,000 dollars less than either the F-150 or the Silverado. The Tundra is priced at $31,670 MSRP while the Silverado is priced at $53,300 and the F-150 goes for $55,220. Considering the massive gulf that exists in price between these trucks, the Tundra's ability to even compare in terms of engine performance seems all the more impressive.

Fuel Economy and Comfort

The Tundra is almost exactly even with the F-150 and Silverado when it comes to fuel economy, with the Toyota at 19 mpg combined and the Ford and Chevrolet at 23 mpg respectively. In terms of tank capacity, however, the Tundra comes out on top with 26.4 gallons to the F-150's 24 gallons and the Silverado's 26.

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All thing's considered, it seems that the Tundra is ahead of the field. Its uncanny blend of reliability and affordability makes it one of the most impressive trucks on the market today. Please contact or visit Vandergriff Toyota if you would like to learn more.