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What is Destination Assist?

Upon purchasing a new vehicle at Vandergriff Toyota, you’ll be given a tour of your new car. This tour will cover all of the different features that you can benefit from using. It can be confusing to remember everything all at once, but you will receive a very comprehensive manual that you can use as a reminder when you forget how to work something. One very popular feature that comes with many Toyota models right now is Destination Assist technology. 

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How to Use the Toyota Smart Key System?

Smart Key

The Toyota Smart Key System has become a handy piece of technology to the brand. With that said, the initial use of it might feel alien because it takes some time getting used to the new system that they have created. However, once you learn how to use it, you will feel grateful because of how much easier it is to use this system.

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Brush Up on DIY Car Cleaning Tips for Back-To-School Season

If you're a parent, you know that there is one universal truth: If you have kids in your car--ever--your interior is going to get messy. Messes happen.

Fortunately, the fall season is the perfect time to tackle the mess and banish the clutter while the kids are in class. Whether your Toyota Prius or Camry needs a quick dusting, or your Toyota Highlander or Sienna is caked in the crumbs, stains, and sticky residue of a well-seized summer vacation, we've got DIY tips to help you get your car clean--and actually keep it that way.

Even with kids…

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