Financing Staff

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  • Ronnie Whitlock
    General Manager

    Ronnie has been at Vandergriff since day one in August 2003. Another "car guy," he's a 35-year veteran in the business and enjoys every aspect of it from meeting new customers to giving back to the community through Vandergriff's charities. Ronnie also has a need for speed, which he fuels by racing in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series.

  • Matt Murrey
    Finance Manager

    With a father and grandfather that owned car dealerships, Matt was born into the business. "As a third generation "car guy", what I love most about this business is the diverse base of customers that I get to work with and getting to know them." Matt recently earned an MBA and he was a peace officer for 20 years.   

  • Nick Kaba
    Finance Manager

    Before his brother, Dion, got Nick into the car business at Vandergriff, Nick's passion for cars went back to his time as a kid in Chicago. "I had car magazines all over my room. I memorized car specs. My friends and I would spot the headlights of oncoming cars and see who could guess the car the fastest."

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