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Vandergriff Toyota understands your time is valuable. When you want to get factory-scheduled maintenance or minor repairs in the Arlington area, come to Vandergriff Toyota. Vandergriff's Toyota Express Maintenance offers everything you need to stay on track. And you can trust our professional staff to do it right!

For Toyota owners in the Arlington area, you'll feel assured that your vehicle is being expertly serviced at Vandergriff Toyota where you'll be back on the road. Contact Vandergriff Toyota today for your next Toyota maintenance service. We provide the right price at the right quality, right now!

Why is your vehicle servicing schedule so important?

Regular maintenance is essential if you expect optimum performance, safety and reliability from your Toyota. Regular maintenance can also improve your vehicle's resale value. Your vehicle will last longer and deliver more dependable and economical performance when it is regularly maintained. Regular general maintenance like fluid checks and various visual inspections are curcial to protecting your vehicle. Following manufacturer's recommendations helps ensure you'll be enjoying your Toyota for many years to come.

What are the benefits of using synthetic oil?

Genuine Toyota Motor Oil 0W-20 is specially formulated to protect today's new engine technology:

  • Increases fuel economy by optimzing your engine's oil system functions to get more miles per gallon.
  • Uniform lubrication reduces engine friction and helps provide more engine protection.
  • Helps protect the engine during extreme operating conditions.
  • Quicker oil flow to critical areas means faster starts and improved overall engine protection for more stability under a wide range of temperature conditions.
  • Easier on the environment and your budget. Switching to synthetic oil extends oil drain intervals, reducing waste stream and cost of ownership.
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