Pre-Owned Sales Staff

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  • Ronnie Whitlock
    General Manager

    Ronnie has been at Vandergriff since day one in August 2003. Another "car guy," he's a 35-year veteran in the business and enjoys every aspect of it from meeting new customers to giving back to the community through Vandergriff's charities. Ronnie also has a need for speed, which he fuels by racing in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series.

  • Robert Cook
    Used Car Manager

    Sometimes, a job is just in your blood. Robert's father owned a car dealership when he was a kid. With more than 22 years in the car business, Robert has been with Vandergriff Toyota since the day it opened.

  • Lee Perrin
    Customer Relations Manager

  • Martin Greenberg
    Used Car Manager

    Martin knows that without his customers, he wouldn't be able to have a job. "I know that my customers are the ones that allow me to support my family." After growing up in Massachusetts, Martin got into the car business to make ends meet, so he recognizes that people need a friend in the car business through thick and thin. 

  • Dion Kaba
    Sales Manager

    Dion is an excellent cook. But with running his family's restaurants in Fort Worth and Chicago before getting into the car business, he kind of has to be. Knowing that both of these industries revolve around giving people exactly what they want, Dion helps his customers find the right car for them at the right price.   

  • Jordan Nutting
    Internet Sales Director

  • Christopher Holton
    Pre-Owned Porter

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