Something Exciting This Way Comes To Corolla in 2019

Toyota Corolla

Until recently, news about the 2019 Toyota Corolla was relatively low-key. That's not to say that folks were anxiously awaiting news about the newest Corolla, but that thus far, not much news had surfaced. All of that changed with the announcement that the new 2019 Corolla will feature a 6-speed MANUAL transmission. You read that right. It didn't say automatic transmission. It said manual transmission. The Corolla hatchback isn't just going to be a snappy little go-getter in terms of design and interior. It's going to be a much more exhilarating ride now that folks know they're getting their hands on a sporty manual transmission.

Why is the new 6-speed transmission exciting?

We're pretty sure that you read the "manual" part of the transmission, and that is literally all the difference between just being another Corolla Hatchback and being an entire universe of fun up ahead of you. Yoshiki Konishi, chief engineer at Toyota, revealed that it won't just be any old manual transmission, either. It's going to be exclusive to the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback, and it even has a pretty exciting name to go along with it: Intelligent Manual Transmission.

As we all know, manual transmissions are for purists who want the true experience of driving, not just the functionality of getting from one place to another. When you drive a manual, you're really out there changing gears, paying attention to hills and roads, and making the most of your drive time. There's no automatic driving to be had there, just good old-fashioned manual fun and good times. Thanks to the new Corolla Hatchback, you have a lot more to look forward to about the new Corolla than just the unusually sporty look of the model in 2019. They've changed not just the exterior of the vehicle to make it look more modern, but they've thrown something in there for driving enthusiasts to really get their hands on, something to help them enjoy the pure pleasure of driving.

As an economy car, this is an unusual move for the Corolla to make, but we're so glad that they made it. Once you get your hands on a 6-speed manual transmission in a typically economical but not very exciting car, you're going to see the very special nature of this new release! You won't just save money when you buy the Corolla Hatchback. You're going to get an enormously fun driving experience that gives you many fun adventures for years to come. We're so happy that Toyota made this move, and we think our customers are going to be happy, too. As they say, though, you have to see it - or in this case drive it - to believe it.

Learn More about the Corolla's New Transmission

We've given you just the tip of the iceberg of this story, so don't worry if you still don't have a firm grasp of the powertrain or other features of the latest Corolla. That's what we're here for! If you'd like to learn more about the 6-speed manual transmission Toyota is releasing on the newest Corolla, simply write in with your questions or call us to ask to see it for yourself when it arrives. We'll also share the other good news about the Corolla Hatchback in 2019, namely that it's one of the sportiest economy cars we've ever set eyes on, and we know that so many millions of people will view this release as special. Call or write today to learn more.

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