Arlington Women's Club  

For over 50 years, the Arlington Women's Club in Arlington, Texas, has given scholarships to seniors graduating from a local Arlington high school and who will be continuing their education at a trade school or college the following year. Scholarships are available to graduating young women in the four core areas of Education, Religion, Fine Arts, and Science.

About the Arlington Women's Club

The Arlington Women's Club was founded in 1957. Each year, it allocates a $5,000 scholarship to a female senior from a participating local high school, including Sequin, Lamar, Martin, Bowie, Arlington, and Sam Houston. Students receive their scholarships when they have officially enrolled in their college or trade school of choice. Along with the scholarships above, a special scholarship is provided each year to a graduating senior with at least one parent employed as a First Responder. The Club provides its scholarships each year through local organizations that support civic and social issues in the community.

Arlington Women's Club


The Arlington Women's Club has 17 "departments," which are programs that community members can sign up for depending on their interests. Interested individuals can join a department in many areas, including Bridge, Antiques, Art and Design, Garden, Performing Arts, Book Review, Literature Study, Creative Living, Joyful Living, Quilts, Travel, and more. Each department has a series of programs that members can attend and special activities and events that help raise funds for scholarships offered through the Women's Club.

Community Service Projects and Events

Along with its regular departments and core programs, the Arlington Women's Club also supports local organizations and citizens by encouraging its members to become involved in local community service projects. Some community service events occur during certain times of the year, such as the Christmas stocking staff event held at the Heritage Oaks Nursing Home each year from November to December. The Oakwood Nursing Home is the site of the Angel Tree and Spring Fling traditional community fundraisers that provide gifts for children during the holiday season and provide lunches for children in need on Spring Break, respectively. Other events, such as the toiletries program at Arlington Life Shelter, which provides residents with basic supplies, take place regularly throughout the year.

Getting Involved

Interested individuals can become involved by shopping at select local establishments, joining a giving circle, and signing up for a department.