Toyota Corolla Interior Air Conditioner

You might not think much of getting in the car and turning the AC on, but you notice pretty quickly when the AC system fails. In July, no one wants to deal with a hot, stuffy interior, including your car. While you already know that you suffer when the AC system goes, your car does too! In fact, having a non-functional AC system can put more stress on your vehicle than you realize. Parts can quickly overheat, and a non-working part can create more work for other components in the system, which shortens their lifespan and leads to more costly repairs down the road. It's not always easy to tell where a problem in the AC unit is coming from, but there are some clues you can look out for to identify the root source of the problem.

What if little or no cool air comes out of the AC unit?

If you turn the AC system on all the way, only to find that very little or no air is coming out, chances are good there's a mechanical failure somewhere. The major mechanical parts in the AC system are the evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion valve, and a network of fans and tubes. All it takes is for any one of these parts to fail, and your AC system won't work as designed. Sometimes, especially since a failed part puts pressure on surrounding parts to work harder, it's not uncommon for multiple parts to go simultaneously, especially if you wait to get the problem fixed. Some cars also have a safety feature that prevents the AC system from functioning if the pressure in the AC system is too low. Leaking refrigerant fluid, loose welds, frayed connections, and rust can all trigger the safety mechanism to shut the system down. Either way, if no air is coming out of the system, it's time for a trip to our service center!

What if the AC unit blows warm or cool air, but not cold air?

If the air coming out of the AC unit doesn't quite seem cold enough, or if it takes a long time to get cool, the problem likely lies in the condenser. The condenser's role is to cool off the refrigerant coolant, which enters the system as warm air. The condenser coils sense the temperature of the refrigerant fluid, which helps them get the fluid to the proper temperature. The condenser also has fans that normally blow cool or cold air out. If the coils or the fans fail, no cold air will circulate through the system into the cabin. The condenser can also get dirty or clogged with debris, which can stop the flow of cold air into the cabin area.

What if cold air comes out occasionally?

Toyota Corolla ExteriorIf cold air comes out of the system periodically, the problem may be due to components in the system becoming too cold and actually icing over. If you drive along for about 20-30 minutes and suddenly notice the AC system has stopped working or is blowing warm air instead of cold air, the problem may be an evaporator that's iced over. You may need to wait for the ice to melt if this happens. Once it does, cold air will eventually start blowing out again at its standard rate. There may be several causes of the evaporator icing over, including a clogged cabin filter or a blocked evaporator drain. The system can sometimes get overcharged too, which will also cause cold air to blow out inconsistently. If your system starts to behave this way, look for puddles of water beneath the car. The ice will turn to water and drip off as it melts, so seeing pools of water is a good sign that one or more iced-over components is your culprit.


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