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The first hybrid to the top of the hill is still the king of the hill. 2015 Toyota Prius reviews agree the Prius still rules in the fuel efficiency arena. Toyota has upped their game again by adding a plug-in Hybrid to the Prius nameplate. That's right, for 2015, you can choose from four different versions of the renowned Prius. Check out the wide selection of the�2015 Toyota Prius in Arlington.

The standard iconic liftback, with its distinctive�aerodynamic profile will still doubtlessly remain a favorite. It's not hard to see why. It combines stellar fuel economy with an ample back seat and plenty of cargo room.

The Prius V is a wagon that offers all the advantages of the perfect commuter with some extra cargo space. It's not hard to see why this version has already become a fixture in parking lots across the country. Toyota simply took what was already appealing about the regular Prius and stretched it into a taller, longer, more family-friendly package.

The Prius C subcompact is a great choice for the metropolitan environment. With a small footprint but a big, versatile interior, this version is highly configurable and ideal for urban life since it actually delivers higher mileage in city driving.

2015 Toyota Prius reviews rave that the plug-in hybrid version of the liftback is the most efficient Prius yet. There is no real learning curve here. It works just like a regular Prius, but with an extended electric driving range for enhanced fuel efficiency. The Lithium-ion battery charges in three hours from a standard 120V AC outlet, or in about half that time from a 240V charger. You don't have to plug it in to use it, but doing so can result in substantial savings at the pump.

The Prius is packed with technology and carries excellent safety ratings. With four models to choose from and multiple sub-trims available, it's not hard to see yourself in a Prius. You'll be the one waving as you pass the gas station - again. See the 2015 Toyota Prius in Arlington at Vandergriff Toyota.

Toyota Prius Comparisons & Quick Specs

When you compare Toyota's newest Prius model alongside the 2015 Chevrolet Volt, Honda Insight Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Nissan Leaf, you'll discover that it wins over the competition. TX shoppers will be thankful for the Prius's leading-edge features and low MSRP. It's a phenomenal value. Just compare its price to the opposition and you'll certainly see why so many Arlington drivers love it. Find even more details; see our quick-facts list for the Prius - bullets below.

  • 2015 Toyota Prius Doors: 4-door
  • 2015 Toyota Prius MSRP: $24,200
  • 2015 Toyota Prius Colors: Sea Glass Pearl, etc...
  • 2015 Toyota Prius Body Style(s): Sedan
  • 2015 Toyota Prius Seats: 5 passengers
  • 2015 Toyota Prius Cargo Space: 21.6 cubic feet
  • 2015 Toyota Prius MPG: 51 city / 48 highway
  • 2015 Toyota Prius 0-60 MPH in 10 seconds

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