Keep Hackers Out of Your Car

Toyota Vehicle Digital Dash

Technology has come a long way in the vehicle market. There are so many great features that contribute to the overall package of a vehicle. Some of these features are designed to improve the safety of a vehicle. There are other features which are simply for added convenience. Regardless of the purpose, technology is a great thing to have as part of your new car.

However there are a few risks when it comes to this technology. If you don’t understand how all of it works, you could be leaving your vehicle open to being hacked. There are people who are very knowledgeable when it comes to gaining access to your vehicle and personal information. This is largely due to wireless connectivity and such. Don’t worry though, we here at Vandergriff Toyota have some tips you can utilize to keep hackers out of your car. Let’s take a look.

Educate Yourself on Software Updates

Technology of any sort requires periodic updates. These updates are designed to help your technology and vehicle run more efficiently and safely. If you have been contacted by our dealership or your manufacturer regarding a software update, don’t immediately take your vehicle to the nearest spot that you can think of. Software updates are necessary, but you need to be sure that you trust the person who will be doing the update.

If you aren’t comfortable with taking your vehicle to a shop, you can contact the manufacturer of your vehicle. There are some companies that will work with you to put your mind at ease. You may be able to obtain a USB device that contains the updates. You can take care of installing them yourself. Only do this if you are comfortable with the process.

Toyota Display Panel

Vehicle Recall Information

There have been some recalls that are announced because of hacking issues. While a vehicle might be very well made and designed, there could be a potential flaw that leaves it susceptible to a hacker. You will usually get literature in the mail regarding a recall. You can’t rely on the information always making its way to your home. Stay current on all of the recalls that have been issued for vehicles such as yours.

Be sure to quickly address the issue that the recall details. Don’t let anyone gain access to your vehicle in order to perform a change or repair. Have recalls addressed only by our service center. We assure you, you can trust every one of the expert technicians that we have on site at all times.

USB Devices

Many vehicles come with a USB device. This is a great feature, but it can be dangerous as well. Be careful about what you choose to plug into your vehicle. If you are wirelessly broadcasting something into the area, a hacker could pick up on this. Always make sure that you turn off these devices and unplug them when you are leaving your vehicle. Make sure you avoid devices that are intended to be installed into your diagnostics port on your vehicle. This is another way that hackers can gain access to your vehicle.

If you are concerned with the potential of having your vehicle hacked, stop down to Vandergriff Toyota to speak with us about your specific vehicle. We may be able to give you some additional tips that will help. Also, we can check to make sure that there aren’t any reports regarding hackers gaining access to your specific make and model of vehicle. It is important to us that you stay safe while on the road. Give us a call, or stop down today!

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