Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

In addition to inducing warmer temperatures and longer daylight, spring surely brings new challenges for your vehicle. You should carefully inspect and adjust your car's various components for a smooth and safe ride throughout the entire season.

Cleaning and Inspecting Your Car's HVAC System

As temperatures start to increase in the spring season, you want to check your car's climate control system for proper operation. A compromised air conditioning system will surely disrupt your trips on mild and warm days. You should turn on the AC system to the maximum available settings for a quick check of the overall operation. If the air doesn't feel cold enough, there might be a leak or another problem with the refrigerant in the cooling system. Similarly, the fan should also be inspected for proper operation based on the selected settings from the climate control system. Pollen will surely be a major issue during the early spring season. Therefore, you should check and replace your cabin air filter as needed. If the cabin air filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it should be immediately replaced with a compatible filter that meets the original specifications. Some vehicles come with washable air filters for enhanced durability and convenience. You can also wash and clean all air vents inside the entire cabin for optimum circulation.

Checking and Adjusting the Suspension and Braking System

Low temperatures could gradually damage metallic and plastic parts on your car's suspension system. You should bring your car to a trusted automotive mechanic for a complete inspection of the struts, coil springs, stabilizer bars, multi-link bars, and other essential components that bolster the front and rear suspension systems. In some cases, some of the suspension parts simply need to be tightened, lubricated, and adjusted in other ways. Loose fasteners can be easily replaced at relatively low costs without compromising the original mechanics of the suspension components.

Additionally, the gas-pressurized and other hydraulic cylinders in the suspension system should be checked for proper operation when the vehicle is moving. After withstanding freezing temperatures for several months, your car's braking system might be heavily worn out. Even worse, salt and other de-icing chemicals could corrode the metal rotors and brake pads on your car's wheels. If you hear squealing or squeaking noise when slowing down, you should immediately have your car's brakes inspected and replaced as needed.

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