Parkopedia is available on Toyota and Lexus models sold in the United States. This is an innovative service that simplifies parking for drivers. Parkopedia will locate, reserve, and pay for the parking charge for the vehicle.

It works with any 2018 and newer Toyota and Lexus. The objective of Parkopedia is to offer customers a secure and seamless way to pay for parking their vehicles at locations across the country. With the Parkopedia service, vehicle owners can connect to over 60,000 off-street parking locations. The company expects to add 6,000 more locations.

The Parkopedia platform handles the reservation and payment digitally via a Toyota and Lexus app on smartphones. Additionally, users can access Parkopedia on the infotainment screen.

Parkopedia offers even more convenient services at any participating location. It will check for parking availability at a location, and Parkopedia can even compare parking rates at nearby locations. The app can be found at the Apple and Google Play stores.